the great thirst

790 ml stainless steel bottle

What if buying bottles for your teams wasn't a good way for them to promote your company's image throughout the day?

Take advantage of this opportunity to do away with plastic bottles and protect our dear nature.

And yes, we don't teach you anything, we recommend everyone to drink at least 1.5L of water per day. Be smart...

red bottle

the color

"In red and black, I'll show my heart
In exchange for a sweet truce".
Okay, Jeanne Mas had a hard time choosing between our two colors...


Choose from 34 animal models, send us your logo in addition if you wish
and that's it.

the bill

Tell us the color (of the bottle yes but not only), the personalization and the quantity requested, and we will send you a quote with speed.

the color

Red, blue or black, choose the model that looks the most elegant.