Who are we?

Kaiteri Creations, everything starts from a passion

On a trip to New Zealand, we discovered Kaiteriteri, a small town with an undeniable charm, which is located right next to the Abel Tasman National Park.
Unique in its kind, this park displays a mosaic of ecosystems hosting a large number of animal and plant species unique in the world.

Landscape New Zealand

Kaiteri Creations,
to create its universe.

When we came back from this exotic trip, we had one objective: to take these magnificent landscapes in our luggage to anchor them in our universe.

From there emerged the idea of giving everyone the possibility to create their own universe, infinitely customizable and without limits.

Our will,
accompany you.

Our wish is to allow you to create your universe through customizable objects.

nature by paying tribute to it 

We have designed our products with natural materials to respect this nature that takes our breath away every day by its multiple resources.

Wood, cork and wheat straw are combined with durable materials (glass and metal) to offer you the best quality products.


Together with our manufacturers, we are committed to sustainable development and are constantly working on our ecological transition.

In this sense, we are working on the reduction of plastic packaging and we will continue to look for solutions until we reach the complete elimination, as we have achieved for our key rings, magnets, laser mugs.

All cardboard and paper packaging is reused or sorted for recycling for a second life.

And now
if we talk about you?