la peluche by kaiteri

The world is full of animals, each more surprising than the other in the beauty of their species and their way of life.

That's why they are so beautiful to observe during a visit in a park and why we would like to take them with us...

Did you know that it was possible with our line of collectible plushies?

Panda plush

the plush

You never wanted to part with him.
He always reassures the torments of your nights.
is the comforter that comes straight from Kaiteri.

the choice

Choose from 28 exceptional plushies, tell us your preference (or preferences) and that's it.

the bill

Tell us your favorite stuffed animal(s) and the quantity requested,
and we will send you a quote right away.

stuffed animals

Choose the comforter that makes you fall in love with it for nights in all serenity.

aquarium models

Shark or sea turtle, there's something for everyone.

zoo models

Parrot, lion or wolf, there's something for everyone.

mountain models

From eagles to chamois, there's something for everyone.